Introduce AladdinDAO

Scaling DeFi

DeFi has proven to the world that crypto is here to stay.

Ever since the DeFi summer in 2020, billions of dollars have entered DeFi, harvesting yields, deploying complex strategies, and exploring the boundaries of truly permissionless finance.

But one problem remains unsolved: hacks and rugpulls have consistently…

AladdinDAO’s Vision

When AladdinDAO was first conceived of, and then launched, it always had a mission of becoming a decentralised asset management protocol, with a portfolio of assets curated by a group of the most world class crypto and DeFi experts, that we call the Boule Council.

The Boule Council will be…

The Boule Council is the essence of AladdinDAO

AladdinDAO is a yield farming curation service governed by a group of DeFi Big Brains known as Boule Council

The Boule Members are rewarded for selecting high quality sustainable farms.

From an organizational perspective, each Boule member will progressively form her/his own sub-DAO within the large AladdinDAO ecosystem.

We see…


Farm with DeFi Big Brains

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