AladdinDAO Launches ‘Easy Mode’ DeFi !

AladdinDAO’s Vision

The Boule Council will be empowered through unique incentive structures to implement any crypto investment strategy from yield farming to token pre-sales dynamically, keeping up with the ever changing market conditions.

Tokenomic Upgrade Details

  1. Primary Strategy: Bond to get $ALD at discounts.
  2. Secondary Strategy: Stake to earn additional $ALD.

Primary Strategy, Bonding

Secondary Strategy, Staking

  1. Buy $ALD from the secondary market, stake the $ALD for $xALD.
  2. Bond principle assets or LP tokens for various pools and strategies from various protocols to acquire $xALD.
  3. Acquire $xALD by voting as an initiate of the Mystery Schools, through Boule Plus rewards, Aladdin ASK and other bounty programs for the community!

Treasury management



Farm with DeFi Big Brains

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