Airdrop 3, the Airdrop of the Observooor!

3 min readDec 15, 2021


To all existing and new community members!

Over the last week, AladdinDAO has run not 1, but 2(!) airdrops for our community in preparation for launch of our new tokenomics, described in one of our most recent medium articles, here!

We have so far run 2 airdrops, the Airdrop of the Initiate, and the Airdrop of Truth! These airdrops focussed on different user segments of the AladdinDAO community.

The Airdrop of the Initiate was targeted to Boule Plus Initiates, who participate in weekly voting rounds, on potential new protocols to be integrated into AladdinDAO. Over the last week, we AladdinDAO has summoned over another 100 Initiates to our voting rounds, a 50% increase!

The Airdrop of Truth was targeted to users of protocols that have already been voted in for integration into AladdinDAO. These protocols include:

· Element Finance

· Rari Capital

· Ribbon Finance

· Lido Finance

· Abracadabra Money

· Maple Finance

· Lemma Finance

· Risk Harbor

Our community leaders were successfully able to work with Ribbon Finance, Element Finance and Abracadabra Money predominantly, getting over 700 people into the Airdrop of Truth whitelist with over 550 people who have registered their eth address thus far!

Now with the Airdrop of Truth Almost complete, we now will announce our third and final airdrop!

The Airdrop of the Observooor!

The Airdrop of the Observooor is intended for everyone so far who have been observing AladdinDAO from afar, but haven’t yet made the pledge to go down the rabbit hole of the AladdinDAO mysteries…

In this airdrop, everyone can participate, as we believe AladdinDAO is the best bet for everyone to get exposure to the best blue chip DeFI Assets voted in by the biggest Big Brains of all of DeFi, from the Boule Council!

So, the following is the structure and criteria on how to participate in Airdrop of the Observooor!

  1. You must invite 3 friends to the AladdinDAO discord through your OWN discord link. You can check if you have 3 invites by going to the
    #🤝-invite-leaderboard channel under the “Airdrop of the Observooor” channel category and type “-invite”. The 3 top Discord users with the most amount of invites through their link will be given additional tokens for the airdrop!
  2. You are required to retweet THIS Tweet of the Airdrop of the Observooor on our twitter, to get other observooors to notice.
  3. You’ll be then required to join the #🧞rub-the-genie-lamp voice channel. We will have Discord moderators assigning people on the voice channel the “Observooor” role on Discord, by observing this channel for peoples activity and creativity in pledging their allegiance to the Mysteries of AladdinDAO, by summoning the genie from the lamp!
    As an example, by coming into the voice channel and saying something like “We like the genies” will be enough to get selected for an Observooor role!
    Through December 15–18th, we will have moderators in the voice channel starting from 05:00, 10:00, 15:00, 22:00 UTC, so we highly recommend planning your activity around those times!
invite caption for step 1

Once users pass this test they will then be given the “Observooor” Role by the moderators, where you will then get access to a secret private channel, where you’ll be given further instructions register your eth address!

A total of 500,000 xALD is up for grabs for this Airdrop!

And that’s it, you’re done! See you in our discord!

NOTE: This Airdrop is intended to allocate one airdrop per individual only. AladdinDAO community leaders reserve the right to ban and remove all users who are suspecting to be botting or otherwise trying to receive multiple allocations of the same airdrop.