AladdinDAO Launches Genesis Bonding: #Easy Mode for AladdinDAO’s New Tokenomics

AladdinDAO’s Vision

are you ready for the magic lamp?

The Boule Council will be empowered through unique incentive structures to implement any crypto investment strategy from yield farming to token pre-sales dynamically, keeping up with the ever changing market conditions.

The $ALD token is intended to be the crypto native asset representing AladdinDAO’s portfolio of assets. Ownership of $ALD gives anyone in the community exposure to these premium crypto assets, making AladdinDAO the community-owned Berkshire Hathaway!

Tokenomic Upgrade Details

For those that would like a refresher on our new tokenomic upgrades, you can visit this medium article which explains all the details!

  1. Primary Strategy: Bond to get $ALD at discounts.
  2. Secondary Strategy: Stake to earn additional $ALD.

Why Genesis Bonding?

Genesis bonding is a special 2 week event to reward Aladdin OGs and long-term supporters, ending once staking rebase commences in January. We will be offering additional discounts on $ALD purchases via genesis bonding.

Treasury Management

As $ALD is backed by the value of the treasury, it is critical that Aladdin adopts the right strategies and has the capabilities to manage and grow the treasury. This is the mission that Aladdin has had in mind since we started the journey.



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