AladdinDAO Launches #EasyMode: a New Tokenomics Model

Aladdin is Evolving

If you’ve been following AladdinDAO’s story, you will know that we have assembled 30 of the biggest, brainiest DeFi experts in the world (we call them the Boule Council), and created an economic mechanism to incentivize them to share their DeFi insights with the community.

  1. Many opportunities proposed by the Boule Council are not accessible to much of the community due to gas costs and complexity.

The Basics

Standing on the shoulders of giants, the Aladdin team has implemented and optimized an economic mechanism for connecting the value of the ALD token to the treasury holdings of Aladdin projects. Simply buy and stake your ALD, then sit back and watch as your ALD bags track the performance of the evolving Aladdin treasury without costing you another gwei in gas.

  1. Stake it! If you bonded with auto-stake, you genius, you’re already done.
  2. Tell your friends that you prefer to let your team of experts worry about finding the best long-term DeFi plays, so you can focus on important Twitter shitposting

On the Bonding and Staking model

The system of bonding, staking and rebasing that is now familiar to the DeFi world has some important implications that are perhaps not well understood.


  1. Aladdin can be a diamond hand partner. Part of the Aladdin raison d’être is to support the best of teams and protocols in DeFi while they craft the future. However, with Aladdin’s old vault system there was no way to ensure that capital coordinated through its vaults would be truly “diamond handed”. With this change we have a much stronger narrative about how selected protocols benefit. Who knows? This could open up opportunities in the future for partnerships that could benefit the Aladdin community and selected projects!
  2. Aladdin improves its education public service by 100X with its Open Source Portfolio. Under the new model Aladdin will be managing a diverse DeFi portfolio entirely in the open, where the community can watch and learn from every step of the process, from research and selection to allocation and rebalancing. There is a big difference between sharing some good tips and demonstrating the construction of a solid, diversified portfolio. The educational value of being a community member continues to grow, and we can all level up!
  3. Aladdin can still rock the feel-good vibez, giving away that alpha. The new tokenomic approach supports the Aladdin protocol as much as it supports the ALD token holders and the selected protocols, and it does so without blocking or gating any of the hot alpha or amazing learning potential of watching the Boule Council do their work. Think of it like open-source software, anyone and everyone who wants can benefit from Aladdin’s research free of charge, and Aladdin is supported by providing a super-powerful, but ultimately optional, way to participate.

We’re shippiiiiiing!

The new system doesn’t just improve on what we started from, it creates a whole new set of opportunities for people to participate who couldn’t realistically do so before. Now that the undeniable value created by the Boule Council can be linked to the ALD token performance, Aladdin is positioned to take off, and offer the best risk-adjusted reward opportunity in DeFi.



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