Learn & Earn: Quiz 3 (Last Chance!)

Do you know?

AladdinDAO has officially launched Boule Council election. If you have a deep or unique understanding of the DeFi space, join us by filling out the Boule Member Application Form .

Now onto the Quiz:

  • Quiz 3 is starting on 12/07/2021.
  • Participants scoring more than 60 points will be eligible for up to 100 ALD airdrops.
  • The Boule Council application is still open. Hurry up and apply before the deadline!

How to participate:

Hey! Quiz 2 is hard, isn’t it? Yes, we know :) Quiz3 will focus more on the philosophical understanding of AladdinDAO

  • Follow AladdinDAO’s Twitter and join Discord to enter the Quiz.
  • Answers to all questions (Not all of the answers can be found in previous materials, but you’re smart, right?)
  • Feel free to discuss the quiz with other community members
  • Leave your Ethereum address to be eligible for the token drop

Why Quiz?

AladdinDAO is a three sided marketplace. Like any marketplace, our crypto-mechanism is a complex one.To encourage more community members to dive deep into our design, we are launching 3 rounds of Quiz to reward those who show genuine interest and understanding of the project.


Fortunately, unlike high school math, this is an open-book quiz. During the Quiz, you can refer to:

The 3rd quiz will start on 12/07/2021. Participants who score more than 60 points will be eligible for up to 100 $ALD airdrop. At the end of the exam, Quiz 3 participants can apply to become Boule Candidate. AladdinDAO reserves the right not to issue rewards in the case of bot attacks

Follow AladdinDAO’s twitter and join Discord to get the Quiz strat. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter handle, Discord Handle, and Ethereum address in the Quiz link.

Bonus Section:

Let’s take a look at some AladdinDAO’s Boule Candidates.

We analyzed the profiles submitted so far on Boule Members applicants and presented it in a word cloud as below

Word frequency analysis shows that the most Boule candidates are crypto natives including project owners, investors, marketers, developers, traders and researchers. We are extremely pleased to see the candidates profile not only because these are Big Brains, but also because these are DIVERSE Brains.

There are some tags that do not appear in the Boule candidates profile word frequency analysis because they are too rare in the DeFi world. These tags include Top DeFi project tech lead, top security expert, DeFi influencer with over 50k followers, DeFi farming mafia with the largest degen community, Partner from world class crypto fund etc. You will see these tags when Boule candidates vote.

What is your Degen Score? Now, let’s take a look at the Degen Score of Boule candidates. The results show that most Boule candidates scored between 425 and 925 points. Most Boule candidates are already in the “Degen Green Zone’’. Meanwhile, AladdinDAO’s Boule candidates include many DeFi pioneers with 1000+ points.

We also find that 2.1% of Boule candidates currently have more than $10 million in assets under management, 7.5% have more than $5 million, and 20.6% have more than $500,000. This data set shows that AladdinDAO’s Boule candidate is not just a homemade retail trader. We are very excited to see what kind of energy they can bring to AladdinDAO.

Taking this a step further, let us combine the Degen score of the Boule candidate with the AUM. We can find some differences. Boule candidates in the lower left corner have an AUM of $100,000 to $500,000, and their Degen Score is not on the extreme end, most are between 525 and 775.

Those in the upper left corner have very high or very low Degen Scores, but their AUM is below $100,000. What kind of candidate would you choose to join Boule? Or do you think you are better than all these candidates?

After looking at these Boule candidates’ statistics, now it’s your turn! Fill out the application and join us on this journey.

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