Boule Members, the Guardian of AladdinDAO

Who are Boule Member

  • Boule Members are top tier DeFi experts who are shaping the Future of France with the AladdinDAO community
  • Boule Members are cryptographically incentivized to select quality DeFi assets in AladdinDAO’s three-sided marketplace
  • Boule Members are solely rewarded based on performance

How are Boule Members Selected

Initially, 80% of Boule Members are nominated by the first batch of Talent Hunters and 20% of Boule Members are recommended by the AladdinDAO community directly. Each of the initial talent hunters can invite up to 5 boule members (including self-nomination).

How big is Boule Council?

Like the expansion and contraction of managers in TradFi asset management business, the number of Boule Members will change based on the TVL of the AladdinDAO. Top-performing Boule Members have a promotional path to become Talent Hunters for the system. Bottom-performing Members will exit the Boule in down cycles.

For details on how Boule Members increase and decrease, please check Roles Election Process.

How Boule Members are incentivized

The DAO Mining Mechanism is designed to continually incentivize Boule Members.

Among all 80% of ALD tokens generated through yield farming programs, of which 31% goes to DAO mining. Out of 31% liquidity mining tokens going to DAO mining, 25% goes to Boule Members who identify quality projects.

For details on how Boule Members are incentivized, please check DAO Mining Rewards Calculations.

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