Claim your Airdrops: AladdinDAO Airdrop Season 1 Distribution Summary


  • Based on community votes and nomination, ForceDAO and Pickle Finance will be the first two rekt projects in AladdinDAO’s first fair airdrop
  • Force DAO: 6,491 addresses; approx 77 $ALD per address
  • Pickle Finance:317 addresses; approx 1,577 $ALD per address

Next Steps

  • Starting from 06/22/2021, users can claim Airdrops Season 1 reward at
  • Claim NOW or your airdrops will become invalid on 12/31/2021

Distribution Summary:

AladdinDAO is thrilled to announce that Airdrop Season 1 will enter the token distribution period. The Airdrop event received great support from the DeFi community and

  • Pickle Finance will receive ~1,577 $ALD per address.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Go to and connect your wallet

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