AladdinDAO Airdrop Season 1 Voting Results

When we started AladdinDAO, bootstrapping the ecosystem was key.

Like many projects, our eyes turned to Airdropping. Yet unlike many projects, we want the most fair and community-oriented airdrop mechanism, ever.

Therefore, we asked the community to vote for a rekt project that deserves the airdrop.

Results are phenomenal.

We have received 636 votes, and the winner is…..

Yes! Force DAO received a landslide of 232 votes and won AladdinDAO’s first airdrop season.

In addition, Pickle Finance, nominated by our community ally, was chosen as the second eligible project for the airdrop.

Next Steps:

We will reveal the airdrop link and a list of eligible addresses in a week. Claim your $ALD airdrop if your address is on our list

Results Details

All voters and voting results can be found in the Google form.

  • Force DAO: 232 votes
  • Pickle Finance: 96 votes
  • BREE: 76 votes
  • The DAO: 55 votes
  • 41 votes
  • xToken: 35 votes
  • Eminence: 25 votes
  • YAM: 17 votes
  • Furucombo: 14 votes
  • Value DeFi: 9 votes
  • Warp Finance: 9 votes
  • Lendf.Me: 8 votes
  • CP3R: 7 votes
  • Cover Finance: 6 votes
  • Harvest Finance: 4 votes
  • YYFI: 2 votes

Want more?

All future airdrops will take place on Snapshot. Please note, you will need to have $ALD to vote. Only proposed rekt projects will be on the list. We will also join with other DeFi communities to nominate airdrop projects, feel free to get in touch with us.

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