AladdinDAO Airdrop Season 1 Voting Results

Next Steps:

Results Details

  • Force DAO: 232 votes
  • Pickle Finance: 96 votes
  • BREE: 76 votes
  • The DAO: 55 votes
  • 41 votes
  • xToken: 35 votes
  • Eminence: 25 votes
  • YAM: 17 votes
  • Furucombo: 14 votes
  • Value DeFi: 9 votes
  • Warp Finance: 9 votes
  • Lendf.Me: 8 votes
  • CP3R: 7 votes
  • Cover Finance: 6 votes
  • Harvest Finance: 4 votes
  • YYFI: 2 votes

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Farm with DeFi Big Brains

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