AladdinDAO unveils DAOFi: a vote-to-earn farming product

2 min readOct 12, 2021


After launching the Boule Council, we couldn’t be more proud to unveil Boule Plus, a permissionless community where any members stake $ALD and participate in the Liquidity Curation game, just like the Boule Council.

We are exploring a whole new frontier — DAOFi, where you can bring intelligence to the forefront and link it directly to your earnings.

Join Aladdin Boule Plus, enjoy our new DAOFi vote-to-earn farming (you can read more about Boule Plus here )

We launch Boule Plus with the intention to involve as many community members as possible in our DeFi experiment, and to invite more community members to contribute and share AladdinDAO’s success. What are you waiting for?

Why Join Boule Plus?

  1. Vote on a liquidity mining project and earn rewards every two weeks. The same incentives structure for Boule applies to Boule Plus. Namely: support outperforming pool and reject underperforming pool.
  2. Participate in AladdinDAO’s weekly research meeting
  3. Broader community visibility and faster track to be elected to the Boule Council
  4. Accumulate reputation by voting on proposals correctly
  5. ALD holders maximize rewards by participating in vote-to-earn farming

How to join?

  1. Stake 5000 $ALD to receive $ALDPLUS.
  2. Anyone who holds ALDPLUS for more than three months is entitled to an NFT.
  3. ALDPLUS will be burned when unstaked. Claiming $ALD back takes 14 days.

Most importantly, Boule Plus and Boule Council are incentivized in the same fashion with the following differences:

Extending AladdinDAO’s yield curation game to the broader community has always been on our roadmap. We are psyched to launch it and see more big brains boarding this journey with us!