We just launched AladdinDAO Boule Plus and here is how it works

That’s not to say that our original vision of “Farm with Big Brains” has changed. Instead, we added Boule Plus to invite more community members to contribute and share AladdinDAO’s success.

In Brief, AladdinDAO has:

  1. Boule Council who vote through ALDVOTE: the original Big Brains who have majority voting power in determining which assets to provide liquidity against
  2. Boule Plus who vote through ALDPLUS: Community members who have minority voting power and have priority pass to participate in the next Boule Council election

Now, what the heck is ALDPLUS?

How does ALDPLUS interact in the AladdinDAO ecosystem?


  • Stake 5,000 ALD to get ALDPLUS
  • You can always unstake to get your ALD back ( *Please keep in mind that by unstaking, you may lose your future voting rewards)
  • Cast your vote on Snapshot (Vote yes on pools that you think will outperform; Vote no on pools that you think will underperform)
  • 4 votes per month
  • Voters who upvote an outperforming pool could share 2% of DAO mining rewards
  • Voters who downvote an underperforming pool could share 2% of DAO mining rewards
  • There’s no loss associated with voting incorrectly

Come join Boule Plus and show us your coupon rate!




Farm with DeFi Big Brains

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Farm with DeFi Big Brains

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