Ready, Set, Go! AladdinDAO to launch Initial Liquidity Mining

For the past two months, our focus has been community bootstrapping.

A few accomplishments we are proud of:

  1. Gathered a loyal group of core contributors
  2. Received over 1000+ Boule Candidates Applications
  3. Launched two successful community calls including Boule Candidates intros and panel discussions
  4. Published proposal on our governance platform + healthy debates
  5. And most importantly, lots of love from the community

Since we are at the final stage of running Boule competition and finalizing Boule candidates, it’s time to bring Liquidity Mining on the table.

Two Stages of Liquidity Mining

Stage 1:

Duration: 200,000 blocks
Emission Rate: 500 ALD/Block

A 4-week token mining approx 10% of total supply. 500 ALD per block, and a total of 200,000 blocks produces 100,000,000 ALD

There are two main purpose of the Stage 1 liquidity mining:

  1. Tokens will be used for the Boule election
  2. 31% of the tokens released in the first 4 weeks (3.1%) will be reserved to incentivize Boule-led activities such as Research, R&D, Strategy Development etc.

Stage 2:

Duration: Infinite
Emission Rate: Starting at 65.03 ALD/Block with 20% reduction per year(2,600,000blocks).

The second stage of liquidity mining is a more gradual release over a long period of time to maintain liquidity incentives on AladdinDAO.

The core contributors’ tokens stop vesting after 4 years

The distribution plan is designed to share the DAO’s rewards with the entire community, while still providing liquidity and voting power for the early contributors.

Graphs below show the Cumulative Token Supply for Contributors, Liquidity Providers, DAO Mining, and DAO Reserve in the first 20 weeks and the following 1024 weeks (approx 20 years) respectively.

ALD Allocation

Token distribution will gradually approaching as ratio below:

  1. Liquidity Providers (29%)
  2. DAO Mining (31%)
  3. Contributors (30%)
  4. DAO Reserve (10%)

Liquidity Mining Details

We choose to list Curve (renWBTC, SETH, 3Pool) and Sushi (ETH/WBTC) as our initial LM platforms. Liquidity providers can get mining rewards doubled through AladdinDAO Vault.

For example:

1.Deposit crvRenWBTC in Aladdin’s Vault to earn CRV and provided aldcrvRenWBTC as a proof.

2.Stake aldcrvRenWBTC in Aladdin’s Staking pool to get ALD rewards.

In the meantime, we will launch ALD/USDC and ALD/ETH trading pairs on Uniswap

The initial token mining incentives will be released based on the following schedule

Throughout the mining period, the Boule Council will continuously screen and add high-quality projects on Aladdin Vaults.

Let the token economics gala begin!

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Farm with DeFi Big Brains