Launching Boule Council Election

2 min readSep 23, 2021

The Boule Council is the essence of AladdinDAO

AladdinDAO is a yield farming curation service governed by a group of DeFi Big Brains known as Boule Council

The Boule Members are rewarded for selecting high quality sustainable farms.

From an organizational perspective, each Boule member will progressively form her/his own sub-DAO within the large AladdinDAO ecosystem.

We see a future where community members become loyal liquidity followers of their favorite Boule members due to their starling performance. It becomes a virtuous circle for competent Boule members because the better they perform, the more liquidity they attract, and the more token reward they harvest.

Read our Boule Council’s incentive mechanism here

After months of preparation, we are finally starting the Boule election, aiming to elect no less than 30 members.

How to participate in the Election?

The election aims to be fair and transparent.

  • All ALD holders are eligible to vote, regardless whether you receive the $ALD through staking rewards, liquidity mining, or aped in on Uniswap
  • Vote multiple candidates
  • Make sure to hold/mine $ALD before the proposal’s Snapshot.

Vote here:

Boule Candidates List:

A total of 40 candidates:

  1. DeFi Dad, Zapper advisor and DeFi veteran
  2. Chris Maree, UMA Engineer
  3. Brian TK Lee, member of Alameda Research
  4. Cao Yin, Managing Directo at Digital Renaissance Foundation
  5. Yang Mindao, CEO of dForce
  6. vfat, Founder of
  7. HC, Multicoin analyst
  8. Ryan Kim, Partner of Hashed
  9. Leo, Head of HECO
  10. Ruby by Incuba Capital
  11. Chris @ mrblock &
  12. Thomas Rush, Partner at ConsenSys Mesh
  13. Lucas Kohorst @ Foundry
  14. Hassan Bassiri, portfolio manager at Arca
  15. Tom Kearney, Founder of Ecco Capital
  16. Wangxi, Partner of Bixin Ventures
  17. Nick Pai, UMA Engineer
  18. Cody White @ CMS
  19. Martin Krung
  20. Zhuangzhong, Pool operator of top4 Bitcoin and Ethereum mining pool
  21. JX
  22. 0xminion @ GBV
  23. Saneel Sreeni , Researcher at Alkimiya
  24. Rodney Yesep, Junior Partner @ Sybil Capital
  25. Adam Patel, Venture@DeFiAlliance
  26. Shuyao @ Consensys
  27. Chao Wang, Founder of Empower Labs
  28. Jeff Shih @ Unitary Yield
  29. Sid Ramesh, Principal at Nascent
  30. Daniel Bar @ bitfwd
  31. Chaojijun @Benmo Club
  32. Max Shean @Foundry
  33. Bowen, Smrti Lab Partner, Co-founder@DDEx
  34. Grant Stenger
  35. Luyaoyuan
  36. Adam Cochran, managing Partner of Venture fund
  37. Zhixiong Pan, Director of Research @ ChainNews
  38. Guo Yu, Founder of SECBIT Labs
  39. Eraser Li, Founder of SevenX Ventures
  40. Forgiven, founding member of Conflux

Voting Rules:

Boule Candidates will be appointed if one of the following conditions is satisfied:

  1. Total numbers of votes is among the top 30 of all candidates
  2. Total number of votes exceed 10% of ALD circulating supply

Eligible $ALD Votes:

To ensure that every ALD holder can participates in this voting process in the fairest way, eligible $ALD include:

  1. The balance of ALD tokens in your ETH address;
  2. The unclaimed ALD rewards in your staking pools, including aldCurve 3Pool, aldCurve SETH, aldCurve renWBTC,aldSushi ETH/WBTC SLP
  3. The amount of ALD tokens in the liquidity pools added to AladdinDAO, like Uniswap ETH/ALD, Uniswap USDC/ALD, and the unclaimed ALD rewards.

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