Help Us Solve a “Problem”

How to pick a handful of Big Brains out of 2000 brilliant minds? That’s precisely the dilemma AladdinDAO faces.

Ever since we launched the Boule Council selection on July 9th, we’ve received an overwhelming number of applicants who are eager to participate and contribute.

You are the one that lights up the Aladdin Lamp, no doubt.​​

In order to find the fairest election process, we are proposing the following two options:

Solution 1: General Direct Election

  • Dividing the 2,000 Boule candidates into a group of 100.
  • One election per day. Each election selects one Boule Member.
  • Election results solely based on the number of votes.

Solution 2: Add a round of Quiz for Boule candidates, then proceed to election

  • All Boule candidates compete in a new round of Quiz.
  • Questions include general knowledge of DeFi, smart contracts ( show us your tricks and masteries!)
  • Top 300 Boule candidates proceed to General Direct Election

Lastly, do you have a better idea on election mechanisms?

Discord message us!

Farm with DeFi Big Brains