Explained: Boule Council Election Mechanism

2 min readAug 16, 2021


Including a Step-by-Step Guide

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Let’s get the basics right

If you are not familiar with AladdinDAO, below are key actors and concepts in our ecosystem:

Boule Council: Boule Council is the essence of AladdinDAO. The Council is consisted of top tier DeFi experts who make listing decisions on Liquidity Mining Pool and get rewarded for selecting the right project.

Boule Candidate: All nominees with complete information are Boule Candidates.

Talent Hunter: Talent Hunters nominate Boule candidates who later on are elected democratically by ALD token holders.

Who can nominate:

1. Talent Hunter
2. Community Nomination:
Boule Members can self-nominate and be elected via decentralized governance by ALD token holders.

Nomination Mechanism:

Snapshot: Snapshot is an off-chain gasless governance client. AladdinDAO uses Snapshot as a voting platform

Approval Voting: Each voter may select (“approve”) any number of choices, each selected choice will receive the full voting power.

ALD Token: AladdinDAO’s governance token.

Circulating Supply: The number of tokens that are publicly available and circulating in the market.

Candidacy Overview

Total Boule Applicants: 1000+
Selected information about Boule Candidates can be found here.

Winning threshold

Boule Candidates will be appointed if one of the following conditions is satisfied:

1. Total numbers of votes is among the top 30 of all candidates
2. Total number of votes exceed 10% of ALD circulating supply

Step by Step Instruction

Step 1: Go to AladdinDAO’s Snapshot voting page via Chrome or other explorers with Web3 wallet support.

Step 2: Connect your wallet.

Step 3: Vote!


Thank you for casting your vote and being part of the AladdinDAO community!