Claim your Airdrops: AladdinDAO Airdrop Season 1 Distribution Summary


  • Based on community votes and nomination, ForceDAO and Pickle Finance will be the first two rekt projects in AladdinDAO’s first fair airdrop
  • Force DAO: 6,491 addresses; approx 77 $ALD per address
  • Pickle Finance:317 addresses; approx 1,577 $ALD per address

Next Steps

  • Starting from 06/22/2021, users can claim Airdrops Season 1 reward at
  • Claim NOW or your airdrops will become invalid on 12/31/2021

Distribution Summary:

AladdinDAO is thrilled to announce that Airdrop Season 1 will enter the token distribution period. The Airdrop event received great support from the DeFi community and

Projects such as Force DAO, Pickle Finance, The DAO and YAM attracted over 600 DeFi enthusiasts during the 72-hour voting process.

Force DAO addresses:(Block 12171679).

1. Old FORCE token (0x6807d7f7df53b7739f6438eabd40ab8c262c0aa8),

2. xForce (0xe7f445b93eb9cdabfe76541cc43ff8de930a58e6),

3. Uniswap Force- ETH LP token (0x5dc1a938d9caa215dd81d9425cd08ee19e7fb2e8),

4. SushiSwap Force-ETH LP token (0xd10240e5365d4b86821d746a91ee1dcc84c3eff7)

Pickle Finance’s addresses:

Pickle Finance’s address list was collected from Pickle Team’s previous data ( Please note only addresses with a balance in the list will receive airdrops.

The address list collection script is available at:

Airdrop Season 1 will deliver a total of 1,000,000 $ALD, split 50/50 between Force DAO and Pickle Finance.

  • Force DAO will receive ~77 $ALD per address;
  • Pickle Finance will receive ~1,577 $ALD per address.

Once again, AladdinDAO would like to pay tribute to the pioneers of the DeFi experiment. We will continue to carry fair airdrops through community nomination and voting.

In about one month, we will migrate to Snapshot. By then, don’t forget to bring your $ALD to participate!

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Go to and connect your wallet

Step 2: Select the group you were part of and check if you have airdrops available to claim

Step 3: If anser is yes, click the “Claim” button to get Airdrop. Please note that you need to pay Gas Fee to get $ALD.

Got a question? Drop in our Discord:




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