AladdinDAO Quiz 1 Results


  • 4,831 members participated in AladdinDAO’s first Quiz, A total of 4,630 scored at least 60 points.
  • 2,315 participants will receive Quiz 1 token airdrop
  • Starting from 09/07/2021, you can claim rewards at .

Congrats to those who passed our inaugural Quiz. Many of you demonstrated deep knowledge of our token mechanism.

We have also detected a few participants using multiple accounts. This violates our community rule. In order to protect the interests of the AladdinDAO community, we have excluded these accounts.

As a result, 2,315 participants were able to receive 60–100 ALD rewards. Starting on09/07/2021, Quiz 1 rewards can be claimed at .

The results of AladdinDAO Quiz 1 qualifiers can be found in the

Don’t forget to participate . At the end of the Quiz, participants can apply to become Boule Candidate.

*AladdinDAO reserves the right not to issue rewards in the case of bot attacks

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