AladdinDAO @ Metaverse

3 min readAug 9, 2021


Who is the newest kid in the Metaverse these days?

The answer is us!

Welcome to the AladdinDAO Hall on Decentraland (chrome preferred)! Join our first tour @ 8pm Tuesday, 10 Aug EST

Please use Chrome for optimal experiences

We are psyched to announce that AladdinDAO is launching an official Hall on Decentraland. Like many leading crypto community, we felt that a virtual space would allow community members, Boule Council, Boule Plus, and our friends & family to hang out, get to know each other, and better build the AladdinDAO.

Specifically, we have the following agenda in mind:

  1. The Hall will become AladdinDAO’s official “museum” in a sense that it records the footprint of the growth of our community.
  2. In this inaugural event, we want to use it as a special venue to show appreciation to our early contributors, Boule Members and key community members. We could never have gone this far without your support.
  3. 99 NFTs representing AladdinDAO community will be featured in the Hall. We are starting with early contributors, and then expand to Boule Members. Spots are still available. Apply Now!
  4. Treasure Hunting. During our inaugural event, we are giving away free $ALD to those who successfully hunt 5 gold coins in AladdinDAO Hall. Limited to first 1000 entries.
  5. We plan to organize many community events in the space. Think of community calls, experience-based gatherings, rave parties, NFT exhibition, and you name it.

Why Metaverse?

Building community is hard because it involves defining visions, building consensus, and fostering spirits. At AladdinDAO, our goal is to unite all DeFi enthusiasts and provide a meritocratic platform for everyone to shine.

That’s the essence behind Boule Council, Boule Plus, and the idea of Farm with Big Brains.

Another aspect of community building is transparency. This is why we decided to launch the DAO on Metaverse so everyone can participate in our great experiment.

Let’s just have a good time

During our Launch party, you’ll get to know the early members of AladdinDAO who helps bootstrap the community. You’ll also get to the Boule Council members who will help you win the big games in DeFi.

Last and perhaps, most importantly, we want to bring everyone online to have a good time. Therefore, we invited prominent community members who will lead guided tour of our space.

We hope you can join and witness what we’ve been building in the background.

Time to rub the magic lamp and enter into Aladdin’s Magic World.