Airdropping in the Most DAO Fashion


  • We will airdrop 1% of the total $ALD supply (~10M $ALD) across 10 sessions
  • The first drop starts on 06/08/2021 9PM EST in collaboration with the community
  • AladdinDAO will vote on airdrop recipients
  • Join our Discord to participate

Why Airdrop?

A total of $14.9 billion crypto assets have been hacked so far. AladdinDAO wants to open a new chapter of DeFi by preventing the innocents from rugpulls. To start with, we want to show our commitment by airdropping our DAO token to those who have been rekt by irresponsible projects

How Does it Work?

The Airdrops will be carried out in the most DAO-fashion.

  • Anyone could nominate a rekt project (Ethereum mainnet projects only) on our Discord
  • AladdinDAO volunteers audit the project and the proposal within 72 hours
  • Community has 72 hours to vote on which projects to get airdropped first
  • Each member can only vote one project
  • The top two projects will receive $ALD airdrop within a week

How to Nominate?

Submit a proposal on our Discord with the following information

  • Project name: the full name of the project
  • Event: a brief description on how you got rekt
  • Time: a reasonable holder snapshot time, described in block time
  • Estimated total number of airdrop: approximate number of addresses to get Airdrop
  • Reason: persuade us why this project deserves to be airdropped

First Drop in collaboration with

In case you don’t know vfat: is a suite of calculators for yield farming, aka the secret Holy Bible for all DeFi farmers.

The vfat community will nominate one project and the AladdinDAO community will vote on the second one.

You do not need to own $ALD to participate in the voting.

All future airdrops after the first one will take place on Snapshot. You will need to have $ALD to vote. Only the proposed rekt projects will be on the list.

Got a question? Join our Discord



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