Airdropping in the Most DAO Fashion


  • We will airdrop 1% of the total $ALD supply (~10M $ALD) across 10 sessions
  • The first drop starts on 06/08/2021 9PM EST in collaboration with the community
  • AladdinDAO will vote on airdrop recipients
  • Join our Discord to participate

Why Airdrop?

How Does it Work?

  • Anyone could nominate a rekt project (Ethereum mainnet projects only) on our Discord
  • AladdinDAO volunteers audit the project and the proposal within 72 hours
  • Community has 72 hours to vote on which projects to get airdropped first
  • Each member can only vote one project
  • The top two projects will receive $ALD airdrop within a week

How to Nominate?

  • Project name: the full name of the project
  • Event: a brief description on how you got rekt
  • Time: a reasonable holder snapshot time, described in block time
  • Estimated total number of airdrop: approximate number of addresses to get Airdrop
  • Reason: persuade us why this project deserves to be airdropped

First Drop in collaboration with

In case you don’t know vfat: is a suite of calculators for yield farming, aka the secret Holy Bible for all DeFi farmers.



Farm with DeFi Big Brains

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