A Tale of Building an Inclusive Community

  • Participate in project selection
  • Voting results are recorded and evaluated
  • Ability to leverage voting score in the upcoming rounds of Boule Council campaign
  1. To prevent sybil attacks, Boule Plus Members need to stake certain amount of ALD tokens
  2. Boule Plus is the talent pool of Boule, the reputation of Boule Plus Members accumulated from voting will facilitate the election of Boule Members.
  3. For those community members who have not filled the application, please wait for the next Quiz.
  1. Please fill in the application form (candidates who have already filled in can add further information).
  2. If you applied for Boule through Quiz 2, please follow this link.
  3. If you applied for Boule through Quiz 3, please follow this link.
  4. If you applied for Boule through Twitter, please follow this link.
  1. Candidates will be initially screened and selected based on information submitted
  2. **Applicants who are not selected can make an appeal.
  3. Community vote the top 30 candidates to join and form the Boule
  4. Elected Boule members will receive an exclusive Boule NFT and a dedicated display space in AladdinDAO’s Metaverse.
  5. **Those who are not elected can continue to apply in following campaigns and join Boule Plus




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Farm with DeFi Big Brains

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