A Tale of Building an Inclusive Community

In the early days of AladdinDAO, we designed a nomination mechanism to fulfill the vision that asset management should be decentralized.

Every “pleb” should have the “privilege” to “Farm with Big Brains.”

Our initial game plan is that a handful of you would be interested and apply to join the Boule. We will run a community selection and elect the 30 winner.

How wrong were we. When we saw that a whopping 1600 of you applied, we realized that the old way of Boule Council management would fail to engage every community member.

Here is our dilemma: How do we maintain our original crypoeconomic design, yet still manage to be inclusive?

The Solution: Boule Plus

After communicating with the community and soliciting suggestions across all channels, we propose a two-layer structure: Boule and Boule Plus.

While keeping the Boule election mechanism, candidates who are not elected as Boule Member will have the opportunity to join Boule Plus.

What can Boule Plus members do?

  • Participate in project selection
  • Voting results are recorded and evaluated
  • Ability to leverage voting score in the upcoming rounds of Boule Council campaign

How to join Boule Plus?

There are 3 conditions to become a Boule Plus: information completion, 60+ Quiz score, and verification of Twitter account.

  1. To prevent sybil attacks, Boule Plus Members need to stake certain amount of ALD tokens
  2. Boule Plus is the talent pool of Boule, the reputation of Boule Plus Members accumulated from voting will facilitate the election of Boule Members.
  3. For those community members who have not filled the application, please wait for the next Quiz.

What’s next?

Welcome to the inaugurate Boule Council selection and DAO mining.

30 Boule Members will be elected from the candidates. Boule Members earn a total of 25% ALD reward in 4 years DAO Mining.

Boule Plus Members earn at least 2% ALD reward in 4 years DAO Mining

How to participate?

  1. Please fill in the application form (candidates who have already filled in can add further information).
  2. If you applied for Boule through Quiz 2, please follow this link.
  3. If you applied for Boule through Quiz 3, please follow this link.
  4. If you applied for Boule through Twitter, please follow this link.

Protip: the more information you submit to the community, the higher your chance of winning!

Selection process:

  1. Candidates will be initially screened and selected based on information submitted
  2. **Applicants who are not selected can make an appeal.
  3. Community vote the top 30 candidates to join and form the Boule
  4. Elected Boule members will receive an exclusive Boule NFT and a dedicated display space in AladdinDAO’s Metaverse.
  5. **Those who are not elected can continue to apply in following campaigns and join Boule Plus

Last but not least, please feel free to apply for Boule if you haven’t done so.

Farm with DeFi Big Brains