Introduce AladdinDAO

Scaling DeFi

DeFi has proven to the world that crypto is here to stay.

Ever since the DeFi summer in 2020, billions of dollars have entered DeFi, harvesting yields, deploying complex strategies, and exploring the boundaries of truly permissionless finance.

But one problem remains unsolved: hacks and rugpulls have consistently…

After launching the Boule Council, we couldn’t be more proud to unveil Boule Plus, a permissionless community where any members stake $ALD and participate in the Liquidity Curation game, just like the Boule Council.

We are exploring a whole new frontier — DAOFi, where you can bring intelligence to the…

Genie is out of the bottle!

After months of preparation, we’ve finally elected AladdinDAO’s inaugural Boule Council.

These are DeFi Big Brains who are ready to serve our community by identifying, researching and presenting sustainable yield farms.

Congrats to the following newly-elected Boule members!

The Boule Council is the essence of AladdinDAO

AladdinDAO is a yield farming curation service governed by a group of DeFi Big Brains known as Boule Council

The Boule Members are rewarded for selecting high quality sustainable farms.

From an organizational perspective, each Boule member will progressively form her/his own sub-DAO within the large AladdinDAO ecosystem.

We see…

For the past two months, our focus has been community bootstrapping.

A few accomplishments we are proud of:

  1. Gathered a loyal group of core contributors
  2. Received over 1000+ Boule Candidates Applications
  3. Launched two successful community calls including Boule Candidates intros and panel discussions
  4. Published proposal on our governance platform +…


  • A total of 1,841 users have collected 5 gold coins during the Treasure Hunting Game at AladdinDAO Hall in Decentraland.
  • Starting from 8:00 am on August 20th, 2021 EST, you can claim your rewards at

Congrats to the winners of the Treasure Hunting Game! You made it!


Including a Step-by-Step Guide

are you ready to vote?

Let’s get the basics right

If you are not familiar with AladdinDAO, below are key actors and concepts in our ecosystem:

Boule Council: Boule Council is the essence of AladdinDAO. …

Who is the newest kid in the Metaverse these days?

The answer is us!

Welcome to the AladdinDAO Hall on Decentraland (chrome preferred)! Join our first tour @ 8pm Tuesday, 10 Aug EST

Please use Chrome for optimal experiences

We are psyched to announce that AladdinDAO is launching an official Hall on Decentraland. Like many leading…

The idea to launch Boule Plus didn’t come out of a whim.

In fact, we didn’t plan to launch Boule Plus until we saw a flood of applicants to join the original Boule Council.

Then it struck us how important it is to involve as many community members as possible…

Investment DAO

In [PART 1], we dove deep into the definition of DAO and teased apart the difference between a DAO and a DO.

This [PART 2]article aims to dig even deeper into Investment DAOs and argues why Investments should be DAOed. …


Farm with DeFi Big Brains

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